Dante Solomon Alambra

Dante is a 3rd Generation instructor of Filipino Martial Arts. Dante began training in Filipino Martial Arts at the age or 5. During that time his father, a World War II veteran, trained him as a necessity, for fear of another World War. Even though the training was very difficult Dante enjoyed it and he even continued to train in Filipino Martial Arts throughout his adulthood, becoming a key member in the worlds largest Sikaran Organization, known as the World Sikaran Brotherhood of Philippines. When Dante immigrated to Winnipeg in 1977 he wanted to continue his passion for martial arts and also increase the profile of the growing Filipino community. In November of that same year he decided he could do his part by opening the first martial art school that offered Filipino Martial Arts. Back in the 70’s this was a big gamble as many Filipinos and non-Filipinos were only familiar with martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo and Judo. Dante has been credited by the World Sikaran Brotherhood of Philippines as being the first to open a Sikaran Arnis School in Canada. Sikaran became a place where many Filipinos, both new immigrants and Canadian born, could come together to learn a part of Filipino culture. It also assisted many new immigrants with their integration into Canadian Society, and for those Canadian born, help teach them the values and beliefs of Filipino culture. Dante has been highlighted in local news many times both inside and outside of the Filipino Community. He has been highlighted for his work with the community and his tireless effort in increasing the profile of Filipinos in Winnipeg. In the early 80’s he was interviewed by CTV as one of the first Filipino candidates for the Winnipeg Police Force. After 5 decades, Sikaran Arnis School of Martial Arts Canada has grown and Dante now has many students (both Filipino and non-Filipino) that have opened there own Filipino Martial Arts schools and still recognize him as their grandmaster. His teachings can now be found in Philippines, Canada, United States and Costa Rica. Dante continues to give back to the Filipino community and is currently in contact with Jon Malek, in order to assist him in his research project on the Filipino Community in Winnipeg. Dante’s connection with the Filipino community has continued to grow and he has not only participated in many Filipino events in Winnipeg, but has also made connections and provided support to the Filipino communities in Steinbach, Thompson, Portage La Prairie, and Neepawa.

Dante Alambra has been a pillar of the Filipino Community since 1977.

– Dante was awarded the Queen’s Jubilee Medal in 2003 for Martial Arts excellence and work in the Winnipeg Community

– Dante has been inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2013

– Manitoba Filipino Business Council Filipino Community Service Award 2013

– Introduced Sikaran training to members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1992

– Participated in Folkarama Peal of the Orient throughout the 80’s, 90’s,2000’s and 2010’s.

– As a pillar of the Filipino Community, since the 1970’s to present day, many new immigrants have come to Dante for assistance. Dante has used his connections and resources to assist his fellow Filipinos in finding work, connect with financial assistance, finding a home, and connection with support networks to minimize culture shock.

– Dante holds a yearly tournament that helps highlight the Filipino Martial Arts most recently in May 2014 he hosted the 4th World Sikaran Tournament, where competitors from Philippines, Australia, USA and Canada attended. This will be the 3rd World Sikaran Tournament that Dante will be hosting (previous ones were held in 1986 and 1996).

– Dante Alambra has participated and been an active member in various Filipino Organizations throughout the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and 2010’s and is currently an active member of the Manitoba Filipino Business Council, Filipino Senior Citizen Organization, Alambra Refined Martial Arts Systems Organization, Sikaran Black Belt Association of Canada, and World Sikaran Brotherhood of the Philippines Organization

– Dante is currently the regional director of the World Sikaran Brotherhood of Canada (which is a world-wide group based in Philippines and is the largest Sikaran

– Grand Master Modern Sikaran (branch schools can be found in Canada, Philippines, US, and Costa Rica)

– Grand Master Burokil Alambra Arnis De Mano (B.A.A.D.) – branch schools can be found in Canada, Philippines, US and Costa Rica

– 9th Degree Red and White belt World Sikaran Brotherhood (under Meliton C. Geronimo)

– Datu Modern Sikaran (under Professor Remy Presas)

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