Let’s talk sticks!

Hello Stickfighters and Blade Masters,

Sticks are an integral part of Filipino martial arts. We use sticks as a safer alternative to training with live blades. However in it’s own right, the stick is a weapon of its own.

We commonly use rattan sticks. Rattan is a climbing palm and can be found in tropical regions.

Rattan is used in home building and furnishing. There are even floor mats, baskets and bags made from rattan.

I have had a few people ask me why we use bamboo. It is a common misconception that we use bamboo. Bamboo and rattan look very similar and are used in making similar products. A closer look between the two end products you will see that bamboo is hollow.

There are roughly 600 species of rattan as per Wikipedia. Please be aware that your first order may not be identical to your next order and so on.

However, a reputable stick maker can provide high quality rattan sticks. Over the years I have received sticks that were brittle and disintegrated after a few strikes.

I highly recommend Grand Master Rodel Dagooc at http://www.arnismartialarts.com

I have not been paid by GM Dagooc to promote his business. However, because him and his staff are very professional I have decided to purchase my sticks through him. The quality of his sticks are amazing the prices are competitive.

For a general overview of FMA sticks click the link

Thank you for supporting our project-spreading Filipino martial arts in Canada.

Salamat at pugay,

Peter Codizal


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