Rutano Estokada Kali

What an amazing weekend! First of all I want to thank all of you for taking the time to watch our videos and read our articles. It gives us great joy to see our blog and YouTube channel grow.

My boy and I packed our bags and headed north to Red Deer, Alberta. We had the pleasure visiting Grand Master Gilbert  Lafantaisie of Black Dragon Martial Arts.


GM Gilbert is the caretaker of Rutano Estokada Kali. He was trained by Grand Master Dan Runato of Panay, Philippines (yes, I have been there if you are wondering.)

GM Gilbert’s estokada class already in full swing when my boy and I walked in the gym. It was great to see familiar and make new friends.

It was a very exciting moment for me because it took me two years to finally visit GM Gilbert.

You will learn practical and useful techniques from GM Gilbert. The beauty of Filipino martial arts is that it will complement the respective style that you have trained in. You will learn how everything translates from weapon systems, to hand to hand, to grappling and locking.

I want to thank GM Gilbert and his students for helping me make the  upcoming videos featuring Rutano Estokada Kali. They are a fun bunch to learn with and I highly recommend you checking out Black Dragon Martial Arts in Red Deer, Alberta

To train with Master Gill contact (403)755-7594

Master Gilbert is also an International Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee.

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