“Secrets of Kalis Ilustrisimo” Are the secrets any good?

Hello Stickfighters,

Happy Family Day! For those who are not familiar with this holiday, Google it!

Maestro Norman Suanico, one of the twelve apostles of Tatang Ilustrisimo introduced me to a book entitled “Secrets of Kalis Ilustrisimo. The Filipino Fighting Art Explained.”

As some of you might not know, Maestro Norman lives in Alberta, Canada. He has played a huge roll in the growth of Kalis Ilustrisimo.

Here’s my take on this book.

What books would you recommend me read and review next?

Peter Codizal


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  1. huncar says:

    Love the review. Love the book. Great job my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks brother! See you in the spring.


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