3 Years and Counting

Hello Stickfighters!

A few years ago Agalon Herald and I started a new adventure. We opened a new training group in Southern Alberta. The adventure was not easy to start and at times, even harder to continue.

The group started with one student and we eventually grew. Some have left the training group with their own reasons. However, the ones that stayed have surpassed their own expectations.

Today, I want to thank my training partners who have stayed true to their training. They are enjoying the benefits of Filipino martial arts. We have become close friends, united under a Filipino culture.

They have met some amazing people and masters of the art of FMA from the Philippines and throughout Canada. We have seen confidence and self esteem increase in every student. One followed through with his goal and has started a new and rewarding career.

Three years flew by quickly. Here’s to another year of training. I am ready for this winter to end!!!!!!


Photo by Rupert Quintana
Photo by Rupert Quintana

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