Instructors in the making.

January 21, 2017 was a really good day. Agalon Herald hosted a special class for those who are interested in becoming future instructors. A part of the Philippine Warrior Arts Society’s goal is to spread a united Filipino martial arts of all styles.

We thank those that traveled from Lethbridge and Calgary. Winter is usually not the best time to travel in Alberta. Sometimes the roads are icy and dangerous. We were also joined by a sweet 8 year old who was no slouch with a stick either. This girl has a lot of potential to be a future Tuhon. Keep it up sweaty, you’re going to rock!

Agalon Herald started the class with a short lecture about the the Philippines’ history and culture. He then introduced Pekiti Tirsia Kali to the class. It’s good to see how the class is looking forward to meeting Grand Tuhon Lego Gaje Jr for the first time or to meet him again. The class was also open to Q and A. As you can see from the pictures, PWAS’ head quarters is expanding. Nobody seemed to mind the construction in progress.


The class learned about the Tri V system long with it’s respective footwork, basic strikes with the stick and then a short knife work. The one-day class was packed with techniques. To learn more go to class.

Here are some of what was discussed and practiced: Open and closed V footwork, diamond footwork, bow tie footwork, hour glass footwork, 5 angles of attack, contradas and lots more…please go see an official Pekiti Tirsia Kali instructor to learn more.

A nice twist to end the day! 


It was nice to be a part of this day. Filipino martial arts is alive and growing in Canada. We are happy to help those who want to learn this art. Thank you all for supporting and we look forward to more great things to come in 2017!




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