Happy New Year! The King is in the house!

Happy new year everyone! 2016 was good and I hope 2017 will bless us all with prosperity and good health.


What better way to start the new year by featuring Randy King of KPC Self Defense. King Randy, hahaha!  founded KPC Self Defense. It’s a no nonsense, reality-based school of self defense. His school teaches a blend of Krav Maga and Modern Arnis.


Randy has been a student of martial arts for a long time and he is passionate about keeping people safe. He travels the globe to provide consulting and training to police and military and of course to civilians.

When you take Randy’s classes you will experience real life scenarios and practical skills. He is also very knowledgeable about self defense laws. Yes, learn your local laws.

During the Philippine Warrior Arts Society gathering, Randy teaches the participants a unique class. Instead of sticks and fists he teaches the important of mindset and legality. Sometimes the fight starts and ends in your mind. Again, learn your local laws.

Please go see Randy’s Rants on his website.

For more information on please visit kpcombat.ca and bring Tim Horton’s coffee for Randy.


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