Presenting Master Bonifacio of Modern Arnis!


For the first time ever, Filipino Martial Arts Canada presents Modern Arnis!

Just a bit of history for those that do not know, Modern Arnis was founded by Grand Master Remy Presas in the Philippines. The modernization of how FMA was taught helped the art become more accepted by the public. Today Modern Arnis can found all over the world. You can learn more about Modern Arnis through the documentary “The Bladed Hand” by Jay Ignacio.

This year we had the honor of being trained by Master Fidel Bonifacio. He is an amazing man. He was trained by the Grand Master in the Philippines and in the United States. Having Master Bonifacio brought back some of my childhood memories. Some of my training was based Modern Arnis among other FMA styles.


Master Bonifacio gave us a brief history of his training. He then started showing us the basic strikes and combinations. It was fun to watch!  It was more fun to take part in the seminar. Again, go to class. FMA is something to be experienced in real life.


Aside from the techniques, I truly enjoyed our conversation over the phone. Master Bonifacio called me to say hello. He told me about how he started his Modern Arnis school in Northern Alberta and how the people loved it! He could just be one of the very first to bring FMA in Canada.



I look forward to getting to know him more and hopefully to train with him again. Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge with us! PUGAY!





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