Presenting MacLeod Progressive Arnis

Master Jason MacLeod is one of the most important people in the Philippine Warrior Arts Society. I always enjoy meeting and training with him. Here’s why. Master Jason is an amazing teacher, friend and student of Filipino martial arts.


He teaches in a way that is packed with realistic techniques and information. During the 6th Philippine Warrior Arts Society gathering Master Jason once again shared his talents with us.

He emphasized on personal awareness. Personal awareness is important. It can keep you away from trouble before trouble starts. Then he emphasized on disrupting they bad guy’s intentions. What do I mean by that? My answer is, go to his class.However, I’ll give you a small clue. He showed us what you can do if trouble finds you. Martial arts is not just watching YouTube videos and copying the moves.

Martial arts is a way of life and if you say that you’re already a black belt and you don’t need to go to seminars or get training, I say you might have stopped learning what you already know..

Master Jason is a life-long student of Filipino martial arts. He is constantly learning and refining his skills. During the the gathering Master Jason made his mini seminar enjoyable and fun. The techniques were amazing and to the point. Again, go to class.

Master Jason and Master Oliver chillin’

Thank you Master Jason. You are a wonderful example to follow. KALI!


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