Super Saskatoon!

I love how Filipino Martial arts brings people together. I wish I was closer to my Pitbull brothers and sisters of Pekiti Tirsia Kali Saskatchewan.

With heartfelt appreciation, I want to thank Agalon Jay Saludo and his father, Barako Batangueno Master Jun Saludo for their great examples. I love training with them and their company is first class. Their students are great people and I am very happy to call them my friends.

Here’s my small tribute to my friends and Kali family. I look forward to seeing all of you again. LOVE YOU!!!!!!

My mentors. Just like my heritage, a Batangueno and an Ilongo!

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  1. Angeline erickson says:

    Hello i am wondering where is the class here in saskatoon i to sign up thanks


    1. Hi Angeline. Thank you for visiting our site. In Saskatoon, I highly recommend Jay Saludo.
      How did you learn about this site?
      Have a great time training.
      #129 – 2nd Avenue North
      Lower level, Grainger Building
      Downtown Saskatoon

      Phone : +1.306.260.6237


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