No Egos. One Big Family!

I would say it’s like Martial Arts Christmas in August during the Philippine Warrior Arts Society’s 5th Gathering. I always look forward to this time of the year. It’s like a big family reunion and I love my PWAS family! Every instructor give the gift of their knowledge to all who come and participate. We hope to see you there next year.

The Philippine Warrior Arts Society’s Facebook description is as follows, “The Philippine Warrior Arts Society is hereby brought forth into existence this 6th day of July, in the year 2012 at 2100 hrs, for the sole purpose of preserving and promoting authentic and original Filipino martial arts systems. We strive to seek the truth in combative efficiency and ensure that the Filipino martial arts actually follow the principles of combat applicability that they are known for.

We are dedicated to helping all Filipino-origin combatives styles, and are commited to ensuring high standards of quality and professional instruction among our membership.

Anyone wishing to join must be free of personal and martial baggage, and have an open mind and be willing to learn and improve their combative abilities.”

Please stay tuned for detailed feature post on each participating instructors.

Master Jason Macleod of Macleod Progressive Arnis
Master Dastin Alambra of Burokil Alambra Arnis De Mano/Sikaran
Master Fidel Bonifacio of Modern Arnis/Arnis Mano y Mano
Randy “The” King of KPC Self Defense
Grand Master Gilbert Lafantaisie of Rutano Estokada Kali
Master Oliver Salvador of Rutano Estokada Kali
Guro Phil Nadela of Kalis Ilustrisimo
Agalon Herald Casana of Pekiti Tirsia Kali

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