Canada Day 2016

July is a busy month in Canada. School is done for the year. People are going on vacations and July 1 is CANADA DAY!!! My family and I went to watch the parade in the neighboring town.

The parade consists of the town’s local citizens and businesses. Other participants are politicians or county government reps. Some places had fireworks that evening. However, I did not watch the fireworks that evening. I had just received keys to the new gym and I took advantage of my day off to get the gym ready for training.

Canada Day is a big deal in our nation. Canada turns 149 years old this year. It’s quite a young country. Canada is the second largest country in the world next to Russia. Canada is known for its cold weather during the winter season. Most of us have two sets of tires; one for winter and for summer. Do not use your winter tires in the summer. The heat will just melt the soft rubber.

Bryan Adams, Alex Trebek of Jeopardy, Tuhon Philip Gelinas, Wayne Gretzky, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Reynolds, Celine Dion, Brett Hart, Jim Carey, Evangeline Lilly who played Tauriel in the Hobbit, Drake and K. D. Lang are just a few of the many famous Canadians out there.

Hockey is Canada’s sport of choice with a number of teams in the NHL. We are represented by the Toronto Blue Jays in baseball and the Toronto Raptors in the NBA.

In fight sports, George St. Pierre is Canada’s famous MMA fighter. While retired boxer, George Chuvalo is considered to be Canada’s best heavy weight boxer. However there are many up and coming fighters in MMA and boxing. With a record of 5-0, Stan Ahumada of Edmonton is someone to watch out for.

Canada is known for its diverse topography and people. As you travel the country you will be welcomed by the ocean, the Rocky Mountains, prairies and thousands of lakes. You will also meet people of from all backgrounds and cultures. Our diversity is one of our greatest assets.

Enjoy the parade pictures!


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