Intensely Fun! Rutano Estokada!

June 19, 2016 could not come any sooner. I’ve been looking forward to document Master Oliver Salvador’s seminars. Of all the members of the Philippine Warrior Arts Society, I think I’m the one the lives farthest from everyone. The moment I found out the seminar was going to be in Calgary, I was pumped! YAY!!! It’s only a “short” tw0-hour drive from me. By the way, I live closer to Montana, US than Calgary.

Can you believe it? These are two sticks lined perfectly straight. Don’t touch it!

The night before, I charged up my cameras and made room in my SD cards. I also packed the tripod, camera mounts, extra sticks, training knives and training swords just in case they were needed. I got up early on June 19. I kissed my sleeping wife and son and I was on an Estokada adventure!

Here we go! Thanks to the construction on south Deer Foot Trail, I got in late. The class was about ready to start. I personally do not like not being able to say hi to all the students before class starts. It’s just my thing to say “Hello, how are you?” among the other things I enjoy.

Master Oliver is very passionate about Filipino Martial Arts. He not just a martial artist, he’s the real deal. Master Oliver is a use-of-force instructor, high security specialist and a security consultant. He has traveled the globe providing high security services in countries you would think twice to go to.

Master Oliver started the class with basic footwork. Footwork is important because this is your foundation and it sets the tone as to how your techniques will be used. Using two sticks on the floor for references. He showed the triangle movements and the shuffles among other basic footwork.

Master then showed the basic 9 angles with single stick. Followed by footwork, everyone had the chance to practice these skills. It progressively became more integrated by doing the motions with both left and right hands. With Filipino martial arts, a practitioner becomes ambidextrous over time. Single stick gradually became double sticks. Double sticks with footwork then Master Oliver put together a series of weaves by mixing up the angles. It was a mind bogging exercise. One of the students told me that it gave him the ability to do things beyond what he normally sees.

After a short break, the class started Filipino boxing and other empty hand techniques. It was another eye opener for newer students. How to fight on your knee or knees was totally new. It was exiting to document.

Kicks then followed. The trick was how to keep your guard up as you kick so you can follow up with hand techniques after a kick.

Master Oliver ended the class with knife techniques. The basic angles still applied however the delivery was shorter. Again, come to class and you’ll see what I mean. Nobody masters a skill without investing your time and effort into the task.

Everyone had a great time. I can say that confidently because I asked every single student. I hope they remember what makes Filipino martial arts unique. Rutano Estokada is an amazing Filipino martial art. Rutano Estokada has a rich heritage and it certainly has a bright future.


I had a great time knowing that there were students that have never been exposed to Filipino martial arts before. It was fun to see their enthusiasm. Others are regular students from other schools. This is what I truly love about the Philippine Warrior Arts Society. Each school welcomes students to cross train.

There’s quite a lot of techniques that Master Oliver taught. Thus is it’s hard to describe them all in a blog. I suggest you seek out his instructions in person. The 7 hours of class was only a snow flake on the tip of the iceberg. In order for one to learn is to immerse oneself in the art.


When you take Master Oliver’s class, you’ll see many things about him as an instructor. He loves Rutano Estokada. He loves his students and cares for their well being. He doesn’t sissy any techniques because he’ll show you what the real world does versus what the McDojos teach. You’ll love his sense of humor!  Thank you Master Oliver Salvador!

For more information on Master Oliver’s Rutano Estokada and security courses please click on “Where can I train.”



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