Crustacean and Mermaids

Hi friends. Sorry it has been a while since I posted. I took on a different and unusual challenge.


In January my friend, Terah called me and said she really really wanted me to try out for a role in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid. ” I have never done theater in my entire life. However she would not take no for an answer. Plus I love Terah like my sister. Even though I was in the  Philippines for three weeks,  we made this happen. I could not turn down playing the role of Sebastian!

Towards the end of the show.

The Cardston Community Theatre has been entertaining Southern Alberta since 1977. Wow, I wasn’t even born yet! They have performed plays such as “Oliver”, “The Sound of Music”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “The King and I” and just recently,  “The Little Mermaid”

Welcome to the show!

This was a challenge for everyone. How do we go from land to see and back again. How will the costumes turn out? How will we schedule rehearsals?  The questions seemed endless.
The leading cast had been in theater before and had great stage presence. I felt like the weak link from lack of experience. Did I tell you this was a musical? Most of my singing is done in the privacy of my morning showers!

My wife and niece.

After three months of hard work. The Cardston Community Theatre performed a great show. I have to admit, I had a great time. People in the audience enjoyed my performance and making my character come alive.

We performed 9 live shows and we got better and better. Who knew theater could be this much fun.

Amazing props!

I learned a lot about theater and now I have a strong appreciation for those who work in theater. The actors and actresses, the back stage crew, the directors and the musicians.  We had a live mini orchestra that provided the amazing music for the show.

Photo bombed by Scuddle. Me, my sister and her baby.

It was a lot of hard work. In the end it was worth it. Please suport your local theaters and get involved. I went outside of my comfort zone and I discovered amazing things and I met fantastic new friends.

Hanging out with the girls.


My little suvenier

Thank you for this unforgettable experience.


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