From Canada to Manila part 5

We got up in the morning and boarded a bus to Tanay, Rizal. I was filled with excitement. The bus was packed with people from different parts of the world lead by Grand Tuhon.

The rain did not damper anyone’s spirits. The Sierra Madre mountain range was extremely beautiful. It was nice to see green everywhere! The air was fresh. It was exactly like how I remembered it. I missed my childhood.

Right after a short snack break, we were training right away. Grand Tuhon spoke about the Filipino culture and the pureness of Kali. Then it was training time. Footwork! Footwork! Footwork!

Intensity is something GT is not short on. Applying the correct techniques with purpose is something that GT does not take lightly. However, even with all the intensity GT took his time to help others. A lot of techniques and options were shown and it’s hard to describe all of them. I highly suggest you attend one of GT’s seminars or come to the 7th PTK Conference.

“HIT HARD! HIT HARD! HIT HARD!” is something you’ll hear from GT. He is also known for his slaps. We like to call it GT’s slaps of love. If you want to learn more about this techniques please come to the seminars. You’ll feel what I’m talking about.

I did not take a lot of pictures that day because I didn’t want to miss any techniques. We did a lot of knives and take downs. My favorite part was everyone’s enthusiasm. People who have been training for a while were happy to lend a hand. There were no egos, just fellow PTK practitioners helping others.


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