From Canada to Manila part 3

Now for some more fun stuff. The 6th Pekiti Tirsia Conference started in a local restaurant called Bulalo Republic. Here we all gathered for dinner and amazing introductions. It was great to see everyone united under One PTK. It was an international gathering. Our brothers and sisters from the Philippines, Canada (that’s us!) the UK, the United States, India, Malaysia, Korea and I’m sorry if I’m missing one or two other countries. I was proud to see some active member in the Armed Forces of the Philippines!

We had great food, fun entertainment with a live band, and of course we were in the presence of a great group of people who are united under One PTK-under Grand Tuhon Supremo Leo T. Gaje Jr. There was an amazing electricity in the air.

The following morning, we boarded the bus and took off to Ten Cents to Heaven Resort.



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