From Canada to Manila part 2

It’s a great feeling to finally make it back to the Philippines. It feels like I never left. It’s hot and humid. My dry, cracked hands are enjoying this change of climate. Who needs lotion in this weather?

My aunts and cousins picked me up in the airport. It was great to see them and catch up on lost times.

Grilling time with family.

We gathered as many of my family in the local area. We had a family dinner and I was introduced to something that might be good for those that want to cut down on their soft drinks intake. See picture below.

It's simply awesome. Only 250 ml.

I finally got to have a nice pandesal breakfast bun. I guess sometimes you have to leave home to enjoy home. Man, I feel like a Hobbit…going on adventures but still longs for home.

Eggs, rice, pandesal and tosino.

Tomorrow the 6th PTK conference starts. It’s going to be as Barney from How I Met Your Mother says, legendary!!!!

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