Multi Dicipline Workshop

Today was a special day. Like-minded people who share a passion for emergency preparedness got together to share and present.


Very comfortable. Yes it truly was.

We had the previlidge to learn from outdoor survival experts, navigators, firearm management and knife defense.

It’s great to see that there are people out there who are prepared for emergencies. An emergency can be as big as a typhoon or it can be as personal as loosing employment or loosing a loved one.


Please see how prepared you and your family are. Start small and learn a practical skill.


Plastic tarp, an old tent fly and a space blanket can make a great shelter.

We also had the opportunity to showcase Filipino martial arts. As many of you know FMA has a lot of things to offer. However with limited time we showed the fundamental footwork and two strikes. Then we showed how to apply the technique against a stab. We practiced these few techniques multiple times. It’s better to get good at a few things than be mediocre at a hundred things.


Rapid give and take exercises.
First two angles of attack and footwork.

Throughout our mini workshop we open the floor for questions. As the group practiced we showed each pair options what other moves are possible. We had a request to show empty hands vs knife and empty hand techniques. All of what we showed derived from the basic footwork and two strikes. Just for fun I showed the same technique against a round house kick.

There was a lot smiles and laughs. Some inquired about regular classes, too. It was great to see children join in on the fun. We hope to do this again and enjoy each other’s company.

Thanks for the opportunity.



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