Grand Tuhon in Vancouver!

Hello Friends!

We were very fortunate to have Grand Tuhon (GT) Leo Gaje Jr come to Vancouver on October 24 and 25, 2015. I would highly recommend everyone come to GT’s future seminars. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

I want to give a shout out to Tuhon Loki and the Tactix gym for hosting the seminar. It was my kind of gym, to the point and awesome. If you’re in the Vancouver area please look up Tuhon Loki and the Tactix gym for some training and work outs.


The day started with a meet and greet. There were people from different parts of Canada and the US who came to train. It was a friendly atmosphere and inviting. My wife and son got to meet GT. My two-year old was to able to play box with GT and kick GT in the shin. GT took me aside to complement me on training my son at a young age.

The class started with GT teaching us about the history of the Philippines. There was some information that I did not know about, such as when the Philippines was sold for $3 a head to the Americans.  What is it about the Philippines that attracted so many superpowers?

I did not have a lot of opportunities to take pictures. There were just so many things to learn. I’m not going to talk about what techniques GT taught us. I will, however, tell you that GT is an excellent teacher. He took the time to make sure everyone was doing well. He did not leave anyone behind.

GT travels all over the world to teach his family’s martial art. He has been featured in numerous news and magazine articles. You can also see GT in different martial arts documentaries such as Fight Quest, Human Weapons, and Surviving Edged Weapons, just to name a few. You can also see GT on numerous YouTube channels.

I highly encourage you to train with GT. You will be in the presence of a living legend. He is a true martial artist, gentleman, teacher and mentor.



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