RJQ Photography.

Hello friends. I want to thank those who are helping us promote the Filipino martial arts around the world.


Here in Lethbridge, Alberta we are doing what we can, too. Lethbridge is a small city in Southern Alberta. It is known for having friendly people, farming, a lot of pickup trucks, strong winds and a really long bridge.


Our training group has grown steadily. We are reaching out to different communities and organizations to make our presence known. We also offer whatever help we can.


Two weeks ago a local photographer came over to take some pictures of our training group. If you’re looking for a photographer or photo  booth for your parties I highly recommend Rupert Quintana of RJQ Photography.


Kuya Rupert was quick to adapt to our movements. He worked around us and he adapted to whatever situation we gave him. Of course, he was kept his distance for safety. These are a few of the photos he took.


The team had a great time with the photo shoot and I hope you will enjoy them too.
Thank you again Kuya Rupert of RJQ Photography.



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