Live Blades!

I finally found some time to take pictures of my blades. The photoshoot was done outside my house and in the winter. During this time of the year the sun sets early and the weather changed on me more times than I can remember.

What I enjoy about Filipino blades is the variety of styles and purposes. As a child in the Philippines, I was constantly amazed by the varieties of knives and swords my family had in  our home province Batangas. I miss how my grandfather or mamay always walked around with a sheathed gulok tied around his waist.

Even as a child, I had my own knives. Because I was surrounded by all of these blades, I learned how useful and how dangerous they can be. Like with driving a car, you need to learn respect. We used them to make houses, chop firewood, butcher animals and, once in a while, I used one to dig kamote (sweet potatoes or yams).

I have a few more that I was not able to take pictures of because I started to get cold. It was also getting dark. Please  feel free to share pictures of your favorite blades.


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