Hard work always pays

1It’s very pleasing to see a small group get bigger and better. Over the last year, Pekiti Tirsia Kali in Lethbridge has seen a lot challenges. November 21, 2015 showed that we have dedicated practitioners of all walks of life. I’m proud to be among them.

Guro Herald drove down from Edmonton to teach us from 10:30 AM to 7 PM. It was a day packed with full of techniques and exercises. It was great to have the team from Calgary come down and join us.


This seminar was not all about training. It was also an opportunity to recognize a student for his hard work and dedication. I met Kuya Daryn through a mutual friend. Kuya Daryn trained consistently and has found a way to balance work, family time and training. Therefore it was fitting to give him a custom made Kriss dagger hand-forged from the Philippines. I didn’t want to give him any factory made dagger from a store. This had to be something special. What better way than a Kriss?

Training continued with double sticks and knives. Guro Herald emphasized the importance of footwork, timing, and entry. We did more exercises and drills than can described in mere blog post.

We concluded with take downs and emphasized the importance of positioning yourself to properly apply the techniques.

This is our last seminar for 2015. While watching everyone practice, I reflected on our first seminar and how much the group had improved since then.

2016 is going to rock. I want to thank all of those that support our training group. Guro Herald and Guro Oliver Salvador of Rotano Estokada and all of the great people of the Philippine Warrior Arts Society. Without your encouragement, continuing a training group would be a lot harder.


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