Visit Banff!

Travelling by car is a great way to explore. On our way home from Vancouver and training with Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje, we stopped by some of Canada’s beautiful hot spots. For those of you who are looking for a nice place to visit, I recommend you visit Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta!banff1


Banff is a small town that offers relaxation and adventures. There are endless hiking, camping, sight seeing and water sports just to name a few in the summer months. In the winter you can go skiing, snowboarding etc. You can also explore the natural hot springs. There are many mom and pop shops and restaurants that you can go to. There’s also plenty of souvenir shops showcasing  local talents and artisans.

It snowed the night before we arrived in Banff. It was not very cold. As you can see in one picture, my wife still walked around barefoot. Yes folks. My wife hates shoes-just a side note. We were fortunate enough to have had a sunny visit through the area and take some of the pictures you see here.


So my friends from around the world, come visit Banff and Lake Louise. You’ll have a great time. If you do decide to come, please let me know. We just might meet up.



RJQ Photography.

Hello friends. I want to thank those who are helping us promote the Filipino martial arts around the world.


Here in Lethbridge, Alberta we are doing what we can, too. Lethbridge is a small city in Southern Alberta. It is known for having friendly people, farming, a lot of pickup trucks, strong winds and a really long bridge.


Our training group has grown steadily. We are reaching out to different communities and organizations to make our presence known. We also offer whatever help we can.


Two weeks ago a local photographer came over to take some pictures of our training group. If you’re looking for a photographer or photo  booth for your parties I highly recommend Rupert Quintana of RJQ Photography.


Kuya Rupert was quick to adapt to our movements. He worked around us and he adapted to whatever situation we gave him. Of course, he was kept his distance for safety. These are a few of the photos he took.


The team had a great time with the photo shoot and I hope you will enjoy them too.
Thank you again Kuya Rupert of RJQ Photography.


Live Blades!

I finally found some time to take pictures of my blades. The photoshoot was done outside my house and in the winter. During this time of the year the sun sets early and the weather changed on me more times than I can remember.

What I enjoy about Filipino blades is the variety of styles and purposes. As a child in the Philippines, I was constantly amazed by the varieties of knives and swords my family had in  our home province Batangas. I miss how my grandfather or mamay always walked around with a sheathed gulok tied around his waist.

Even as a child, I had my own knives. Because I was surrounded by all of these blades, I learned how useful and how dangerous they can be. Like with driving a car, you need to learn respect. We used them to make houses, chop firewood, butcher animals and, once in a while, I used one to dig kamote (sweet potatoes or yams).

I have a few more that I was not able to take pictures of because I started to get cold. It was also getting dark. Please  feel free to share pictures of your favorite blades.

Hard work always pays

1It’s very pleasing to see a small group get bigger and better. Over the last year, Pekiti Tirsia Kali in Lethbridge has seen a lot challenges. November 21, 2015 showed that we have dedicated practitioners of all walks of life. I’m proud to be among them.

Guro Herald drove down from Edmonton to teach us from 10:30 AM to 7 PM. It was a day packed with full of techniques and exercises. It was great to have the team from Calgary come down and join us.


This seminar was not all about training. It was also an opportunity to recognize a student for his hard work and dedication. I met Kuya Daryn through a mutual friend. Kuya Daryn trained consistently and has found a way to balance work, family time and training. Therefore it was fitting to give him a custom made Kriss dagger hand-forged from the Philippines. I didn’t want to give him any factory made dagger from a store. This had to be something special. What better way than a Kriss?

Training continued with double sticks and knives. Guro Herald emphasized the importance of footwork, timing, and entry. We did more exercises and drills than can described in mere blog post.

We concluded with take downs and emphasized the importance of positioning yourself to properly apply the techniques.

This is our last seminar for 2015. While watching everyone practice, I reflected on our first seminar and how much the group had improved since then.

2016 is going to rock. I want to thank all of those that support our training group. Guro Herald and Guro Oliver Salvador of Rotano Estokada and all of the great people of the Philippine Warrior Arts Society. Without your encouragement, continuing a training group would be a lot harder.