Red Deer Kali Academy

Once in a while, I get a chance to visit my friends at the Red Deer Kali Academy. It’s a school that is rich in history. It is headed by Guro Sonny Padilla and Maestro Norman Suanico.

I absolutely love learning from these two masters. They teach with a purpose and passion. They’re students learn the art of Kalis Ilustrisimo. Maestro Norman was a direct student of Tatang Ilustrisimo himself.

Kali Academy hosted their summer camp in August. However I was only able to make the tail end of the camp.

I want to thank Guro Sonny Padilla for always welcoming me to his school and Maestro Norman for sharing his passion for Kalis Ilustrisimo.

Last but not least, thank you Sensei Perry Stokalko for sharing his wisdom with us on the mat.

My wife took pictures and posted a short blog in this link.


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