A Pekiti Tirsia Kali Scout Badge? Why not?

We live in a small town in Southern Alberta. With a small town, sometimes finding things to do gets hard. Especially for the youth. With great encouragement from Kuya Herald of Pekiti Tirsia Kali Society of Alberta, I decided to start a training group in Magrath. I was not sure how Filipino Martial Arts will be received in this small town. After all there’s already another style in existence here.

Father and son sinawali.
Father and son sinawali.

Alas, I made an online announcement. To make a long story short, some people took the two trial classes and never came back. Those that came back become dedicated. I have also made my services available to the local boy scout group.

Two of the scouts are my students. They have made a lot of progress from day one. I hope they keep training and keep the fire burning. I can see their skills get better and their coordination smoother. One of them has lost a couple of pounds, too!

The local scouts are all over the yard.
The local scouts are all over the yard.

One of the adult students build us the tire training dummy. It’s great having this tool. It provided a rotating station among the boys. It’s not easy having boys with different attention spans.

Brus is highly determined and dedicated to his new art.
Brus is highly determined and dedicated to his new art.

The scout leaders where there to help supervise. Their feedback was very positive and encouraging. It would be amazing to have a Pekiti Tirsia Kali badge!


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