Meeting the Greats!


A few days ago we went to Edmonton and visited family and friends. My sister had her first child and it was great to meet her. Another family member to pass on Kali. On our way back home we stopped at the Kali Academy. We were welcomed by Master Norman Suanico and Guro Sonny Padilla. kaliAcademy3 They were very welcoming and kind. My son took a liking to the both of them immediately. Their gym was very inviting and to the point. It didn’t take very long for my son to start playing with the foam sticks and showing of his boxing skills. He likes to “high foot” instead of calling it kick. Master Norman took the time to play with him. It was really nice to see. I wish my son was old enough to realize who he was with. This is why Filipino Martials Canada was created. This gives my son and other future generations to see what our Grand Masters have done for us.To me it felt like we have our very own “Tatang” in Canada. kaliAcademy4 Guro Sonny invited us to the local Pho restaurant. Master Norman stayed in the gym for his class. It was great to see his passion for his Art. I want to thank him for briefly sharing the story of his life and some of his accomplishments. If time was not an issue I would have just sat there and listened. My wife does not have any Filipino heritage. However, I have been sharing a lot of the Filipino and FMA culture with her. She appreciated who Norman and Sonny were. Soon enough my son will, too. Dinner was fantastic. We shared a little bit of each other’s background and what we want to see in the future. Guro Sonny encouraged me to keep meeting masters, to keep training and to keep teaching my son. Until we meet again, I thank you both for your hard work and sacrifices. It will never be forgotten.


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