Filipino Martial Arts Blog

Hello Friends,

I want to start of this blog by saying welcome and thank you for vising Filipino Martial Arts Canada. I hope this website can help you get started and enjoying the benefits of Filipino Martial Arts.

If you talk to FMA practitioners they will tell you that FMA is not just about martial arts, it’s also a cultural experience. It encompasses how and why FMA was developed and what the people do today. It is a true living art. Like how I learned to play the guitar note for note and they play a song or compose my own song. FMA is kind of like that. It opens your imagination to what is possible.

Being a flow art, you are not subjected by rules or forms on how to move your body. If an attack is coming at you at multiple angles and speeds, you have the opportunity to get creative on how to respond. The possibilities are endless.

I want to dedicate this project to pioneers of Filipino Martial Arts in Canada and those that pioneered all over the world. Thank you for all your hard work and sacrifies you have made to make it possible for FMA to become an important part of our lives. This art could have died without your help. Today, people from different walks of life benefit from FMA.

Until next time.

Train Hard Fight Easy.


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