What is Filipino Martial Arts?

Welcome to Filipino Martial Arts Canada. This site is to promote the Filipino martial arts in Canada through social media, seminars and meetups.

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) has been around for generations. It is known as kali, eskrima, or arnis. On this website, we will refer to all Filipino Martial Arts collectively as FMA. The Filipinos have a unique way of training. What sets FMA apart from many martial arts is that training starts with weapons from day one. Sticks, usually made of rattan wood, are commonly used. The sticks represent blades such as swords, machetes and knives. The same techniques are used without weapons.

Aside from weapons training, FMA also consists of empty hand techniques called mano mano or panuntukan and ground fighting called dumog. You are welcome to browse and use this site to get you started or continue to follow the Filipino Martial Arts community.

There are many styles of Filipino Martial Arts practiced today. We hope you take the time to see what this living martial art has to offer you.

Maraming salamat po.

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